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Topic: Editing tips!
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Editing tips!
on: February 26, 2013, 15:28

Use more action verbs. Not only do they express direct and concise statements, but they challenge you to use more verbs other than “to be,” or the “linking verbs.” The English language has an overflowing chest of verbs. Exploit them to leave a lasting impact to readers.

Weak: The appeal of self-publishing is the autonomy it gives to would-be writers to write and see their books in print.

Strong: Self-publishing appeals to would-be writers as it gives them the autonomy to write and get published. (Notice that appeal was used as an action verb as opposed to “is” in the first sentence.)

Put words into action. It is true in writing as it is in life. This tip builds upon tip number 4. Some writers fall prey to turning action verbs into nouns ( e.g., “appreciate” to “appreciation”).

Weak: It is with deep appreciation that I thank those who buy my book.

Strong: I appreciate and thank the readers who bought my book.

Variety is the spice of writing. Put music into your words by varying sentence structures to avoid sounding monotonous.

Weak: This article talks about editing tips from Strunk and White. These tips will help you write more effectively. (Both statements start with the same kind of words “this” and “these.” You can combine both sentences.)

Strong: This article talks about editing tips from Strunk and White to help you write more effectively.

Link ideas with connecting words. Don’t just show cause and effect with “and” and “but.” You can use a lot more connecting words to show the relationship between two ideas.

Weak: I was lacking sleep, but I was able to finish my manuscript.

Strong: Despite lacking sleep, I was able to finish my manuscript.

We are behind you in every step of your writing and self-publishing journey!

CEO Vose Street Media, LLC

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