by : Eric Brown

Down in the Hole : A Tale of Dishonor Among Thieves

Published Date : December 29, 2010

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: English

: English
: B004HKJ7DK


Down in the Hole is a story about a boy who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks and made all the wrong choices. Travis Smith is the son of an abusive alcoholic war veteran who swears he won’t end up like his father—drunk and abusive towards his mother. Only, he finds out the quickest way to win the world’s riches isn’t the most lawful and has to pay the consequences in prison. Always a survivor, Travis finds the right roles to play to get in good with the guards and his fellow convicts and is soon on his way to getting out any which way he can. Only, his new friends want to take no prisoners and Travis will have none of that. Will he break the convict’s code and his own by ratting on his friends?

Down in the Hole is a thrilling new book by first time writer Eric Brown, who puts you directly in the story with Travis as he makes the choices that will determine the course of his life. Based on a true story about a prison escape, Brown’s story takes little liberties with the facts to tell a compelling take about love, life, and the choices a man must make to survive.

“Having worked in a federal prison for 15 years, with several of those years in a maximum security penitentiary, I can say this book takes you into this gritty, and at times ruthless, world. Each inmate affiliates with his own race or will associate with or join a prison gang as a strategy he will use to survive in prison. Down in the Hole: A Tale of Dishonor Among Thieves is a gripping and suspense-filled story of an inmate’s life in a penitentiary. It is a timeless story of a man’s journey in life and his personal growth in finding out what is truly important to him. Whether he learns this lesson in time remains to be seen.”
—Michael Callis, Ph.D. MSCP, Staff Psychologist, FCC Lompoc

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